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Abigayle Jayroe MBA

Over the last decade Abigayle has played an active role in the movement to make Philadelphia the most inclusive city in the nation. She develops mission driven strategies to prepare individuals with autism for independent futures, while preparing the professionals of tomorrow for an increasingly neurodiverse world. Most recently, she spearheaded the creation of the nation’s first Neurodiversity in the Workplace minor designed to create a generation of business professionals that are equipped to cultivate inclusive work environments.

Trey Jayroe

Trey is a passionate educator who has dedicated his career to teaching math to low-income students in underserved districts.  He is known for tying lessons to practical life skills to ensure his students are well rounded and prepared for a future of success.  Topics that he embeds within his math lessons include family planning, money management, and responsible borrowing

Esperanza Large

As an expert with over ten years experience in College Counseling, Esperanza helps high school students explore their goals and make informed educational choices. She guides students on a journey of self-exploration to find a college or university that matches their educational, social, geographic and financial needs. She is skilled at helping students articulate their interests, strengths and aspirations, express their preferred style of learning and match these to their choice of colleges and universities.

Daniel Large

Daniel is a seasoned special education expert who devoted 20-years to teaching middle schoolers in New York. While teaching in Croton Harmon he received a duo-tenure in general education and special education, developing a highly successful life skills program that serviced a variety of neurodiverse and intellectually disabled students. Daniel also dabbles in the theater arts and earned a masters of stage comedy degree from the critically acclaimed Manhattan Punchline, New York City. He enjoys the continuum of learning by exploring the deeper meanings of life taught to him by his grandchildren and his dog.

Tate Fryczynski

Tate is a recent graduate from Saint Joseph’s University who is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. During his undergrad career, he has worked directly with children, adolescents, and adults on the autism spectrum. Tate does his best to form interpersonal connections with his clients since he is also on the autism spectrum. He is known for being an effective, hard-working, open, and loving person in any workplace he steps into. Outside work, his hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, hanging out with friends, and doing backflips at any pool party! 

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