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Untapping potential
through access and informed choice.



Untapped aims to connect neurodivergent citizens with secondary education programs that are most likely to provide the skills and networks necessary to secure fulfilling careers within a field of interest.



Untapped was founded in the belief that there is an underutilized workforce of neurodiverse citizens that can be mobilized with better access to secondary education and career opportunities. Knowledge is power. Those seeking to build their skillsets after high school, will be able search and filter data about nation-wide support programming through a user-friendly interface. In addition to providing basic details such as number
of support staff, methodologies,
and students enrolled, we will
also collect data about each

program’s efficacy surrounding
GPA, graduation rates and
employment outcomes. 
The ultimate goal will be to create an algorithm that matches student career goals and support needs, to the program that is most likely to result in independent and fulfilling futures.

Outcome based data has never been collected in a uniform way on a national scale.

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